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Established in 2002, The Eventa Group (formerly known as The Original Stag Company) is the brainchild of ex-accountant and ex-hen chaperone Rob Hill. Who at the age of 25 bought out his previous employer and replaced him as the Managing Director of Hen Heaven, which was (and still is) a company that offers and organises hen weekends both in the UK and Europe. During the same time, Rob also created the male equivalent of Hen Heaven - The Stag Company. 2004 saw Rob add Stag Bookers to his collection of companies and in 2007 the group gained an invaluable investor, Nick Shuff who quickly became the Sales & Operations Director for the group (and has been ever since.)

Two years later in 2009, Rob created Eventa a corporate events company that would specialise in venue sourcing for parties & events, for UK businesses. Which for a venture that was initially created to balance out the quieter months of the hen and stag calendar, is now considered a successful standalone company in its own right. Marbella VIPS was acquired in 2012 and offers aspirational, luxury weekends and VIP experiences in sunny Marbella. Last but not least, most recently in January 2018 Fizzbox was created, we thought why should hens and stags get all the fun? So we've made a place for everyone! Somewhere that connects you directly with the venues and suppliers and makes it easy for you and your group to find and book the UK's top activities and experiences.

Our offices are based in the colourful, seaside town of Brighton, UK. We have over 50 enthusiastic staff working for us, to ensure that you receive a fantastic experience every time you book with us.

Who We Are

The Eventa Group is one of the UK’s favourite event organisers, specialising in pre-nuptial celebrations, corporate events and luxury getaways. To find out more please go to the About Page.


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